May 31

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 31/05/2020

Hello QSCA Clubs and Members,

QSCA has continued to work with SCA, industry representatives and government agencies in relation to a return to shooting. Recently, QSCA has joined QSport – who works to promote, sustain and enhance the development of sport in Queensland. This also ensures that the views of QSCA Clubs/Members are heard.

Through QSport, QSCA has been able to attend meetings with the Department of Sport and Recreation, on the conditions required to return to sport. Last Friday, QSport submitted a COVID SAFE Industry Plan for approval by the Chief Health Officer. This plan will be subject to review and approval over the coming days/weeks.

QSCA also notes the further easing of some “Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions”, COVID-19 restrictions, with Stage 2 commencing now from 12noon tomorrow Monday 1 June (was 13th June). The result of this is that Sporting Clays Clubs/Members can return to general practice shooting (not competition) from this date- subject to:

  • Meeting the QSCA COVID-19 Management Protocols previously issued to clubs;
  • Monitoring and managing numbers of shooters participating (currently 20); and
  • Meeting the guidance detailed in the COVID SAFE Industry Plans (once approved).

QSCA hopes that through consultation, and the approved COVID SAFE Industry Plan – we can increase the numbers of shooters who can get back to shooting (and competition in Stage 3) – we will keep you updated. QSCA asks that clubs and members:

  • Make contact with your club in regard to booking/attending the range – to assist clubs with managing total numbers onsite;
  • Follow the guidance provided and signposted at your local club;
  • Ensure that you arrive, shoot and depart in a timely manner; and
  • Maintain social distancing and hygiene precautions.

If QSCA members are seeking further information, in the first instance we request that you get in touch with your club’s committee.

QSCA President – Glen Rider | QSCA Secretary/Treasurer – Ashley Mead