Childers Sporting Clays


Executive Committee

James Carter  (Jimmy) – 0409 272 453
Vice President
Charlie Gayton – 0432 265 297
Andy Davey – 0438 746 832
Deirdre Hyde – 0428 627 632
Club Address
Bootharh Rd
Horton QLD 4660
(located in Childers Rifle and Pistol Club)

Sporting Clays is a clay target discipline using shotguns that simulates the type of shooting one could normally expect in the field while hunting.

The size of the targets, their speed and angles of flight are all variable, making sporting clays the most challenging and enjoyable clay target sport you can participate in. Unlike conventional clay target shooting where targets all follow regular and standard trajectories from course to course, no two sporting clays ground are the same and no two grounds have the same targets.

In Sporting Clays, aspects of the natural terrain at the ground are fully utilised so that competitors are shooting amongst trees, rocks, uphill, downhill and overhead. Many different types of targets are employed in Sporting Clays, including “standard”

clays, smaller “midi” targets, “rabbit” targets that roll along the ground and “battue” targets that turn through the air. Targets are thrown as single targets and pairs from different angles and speeds around the competitor. A single round of Sporting Clays consists of 25 targets.

Sporting Clays is a safe and enjoyable sport with a great social atmosphere as competitors shoot together in groups.

Interested Shooters do not need to be licensed and club members can assist beginners with initial instruction in gun safety and help with coaching shooters as they shoot a round of sporting clays.


Come and Try

The range is open for a 75 target Competition on the 3rd Sunday of each month all welcome.

We welcome all newcomers whether you are a licensed shooter or someone wishing to participate in this sport for the first time You do not need to hold a gun license to shoot at our range See below for detailed information.

To try sporting clay target shooting you will need to sign a Qld Police declaration form (available at the club), and present a current photo ID to the club range officer if you are unlicensed Please note that bookings are essential for first timers.

The club has a gun available for beginner use. Eye and ear protection is a mandatory requirement, and the club has these items available.

For further details and pricing contact Max Whiting by  email or phone 0487 714 347 ensuring that you provide the following information:

Your contact phone number
Date Time you wish to book

Your contact phone number
Date Time you wish to book
Number of Shooters wishing to attend

Please note that we have limited time slots available each Friday and Saturday so it is advisable for groups to book a couple of weeks in advance We usually prefer to start our group bookings at 10am but we are flexible according to your needs.

What I need to bring with me to the club!

  • Any Current Photo ID
  • You must be over 11 years or age
  • Comfortable casual clothes (No Camouflage, Singlets or Muscle Shirts)
  • Closed in shoes (No Thongs or Scuffs)
  • Eye Protection (Sunglasses are acceptable)

General Club Rules

  • Closed in shoes must be worn.
  • No singlets
  • Hearing protection is compulsory.
  • Eye protection is compulsory.
  • Shooters must obey all directions of the range officers and abide by the club rules.
  • NO ALCOHOL is allowed to be consumed by shooters until they have finished their shooting, including shoot-offs.